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An Art Game of Strategy and Skill

ArtMASTERS-The Game is a fun, challenging competition between 2 to 4 Players ages 14+ to create famous paintings one tile at a time! You don't have to be an artist, or need to know a lot about art. Your game board Canvas is your guide. With every tile, each Player can be an accomplished artist! It's all in the Tube.

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Artful Canine

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Art Collectors Board Game

Combine fun with art in a table-top game called ArtMASTERS—The Game TM. Draw and collect art tiles used to complete famous paintings on a game-board guide. Scheme, steal, and strategize to be the first to complete a painting and score to win. Sounds simple right? --until you discover your painting’s a forgery…. Or you lose some art in a Studio fire. Or your opponent becomes an art thief and steals part of your almost-complete painting right off your Canvas! If you play your art tiles right, you can be the one to change the destiny of play. It’s not a puzzle; you can engage in the competition with family or friends using your own canvas to create famous masterpieces. And it’s more than just recreation: Enjoy entertaining and fascinating facts about art history and famous painters from dogs in art to daring women artists. Whether you’re a gamer, love museums or art, or are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary game as a gift, ArtMASTERS—The Game is one of the best, and most unique art-themed games available. ArtMASTERS--The Game is designed, made and assembled in the USA.