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An Art Game of Strategy and Skill

For art aficionado, dabbler or gamer.

Immerse yourself in ArtMASTERS-The Game: A fun, challenging competition between 2 to 4 Players ages 14+ to create famous paintings by famous artists one tile at a time! You don't have to be an artist, or even need to know a lot about art. Your game board Canvas is your guide. With each tile drawn, every Player can be an accomplished artist as a Masterpiece is revealed! It's all in the Tube.

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Van Gogh

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Artful Canine

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Award-Winning Design 2021

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Art Lovers' Board Game

Immerse Yourself! Take up the challenge! Collect paintings and win!  

Combine fun with art in a table-top game called ArtMASTERS—The GameTM. Draw and collect art tiles and compete to complete paintings by famous artists on your personal game-board guide. Scheme, steal, and strategize to be the first to complete a masterpiece and score to win. Sounds simple right? --until you're hit with Game Changers and discover your painting’s a forgery…. Or you lose some art in a Studio fire... Or an art-thief opponent steals part of your almost-complete painting right off your Canvas! Play your art tiles right and be the one to change the destiny of play. It’s not a puzzle; it's a competition you can engage in with family or friends using your own game-board canvas to create famous masterpieces. Feel like an artist as tile by tile a masterpiece is revealed-- just like paint on canvas. And you're the artist. Enjoy entertaining and fascinating facts about art history and the famous painters themselves-- from van Gogh to dogs in art and daring women artists. Gamer, museum lover, dabbler or artist, if you're looking for an out-of-the-ordinary game for yourself or as a gift, ArtMASTERS—The Game is one of the best, and most unique art-themed games available. 6 collectible art editions designed, made and assembled in the USA.

Lose yourself in iconic paintings by Vincent van Gogh

Play ArtMASTERS—the GameTM . Re-create Vincent’s bold work one tile at a time to win. Relate to how he felt as pigment was laid on canvas. Feel a personal connection with the artist himself.

Cathy James on Artful Canines

We love this game! Very enjoyable!

James Rutter on Post-Impressionism

I really enjoyed playing this with a couple of art-loving friends of mine!

Allison Lauer on Artful Canines

Played this game for the first time recently and had fun! Luck of the draw, strategy and awareness of the others boards are involved. The game is thou...