Scheme and Steal to Create Paintings by Visionaries of the Modern Revolution 


Modernism in art goes back further than the word implies: 1860-1960. The Industrial Revolution changed values, the way people lived, and access to new ideas. The new ideas and discoveries challenged their previous lives. Tradition didn't seem as important anymore. Seeking to align with the experience and values of modern industrial life, artists used new imagery, materials and techniques to create artworks to better reflect the realities and hopes of modern society--often associated with ideal visions of human life and a belief in progress. Rejecting realistic depictions, these artists presented the world as they perceived it behind physical appearance in a wide variety of personal visions-- innovating, experimenting, emphasizing materials, techniques and processes. These many works and movements are significant in the transition from traditional to contemporary art.

Paul Klee, Vasily Kandinsky, and Piet Mondrian were each trend-setters in their own right. Each left a unique legacy for those who followed their vision... (see more)


The black tube comes with 132 full-color acrylic tiles to complete masterpiece paintings. 12 acrylic Game Changer tiles. Four personal game board "Canvases". Interesting information about the period and artists and the Rules of play. ArtMASTERS--The Game is designed, made and assembled in the USA.


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