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Vincent van Gogh

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Immerse yourself in iconic paintings by Vincent van Gogh


Play ArtMASTERS—the GameTM . Re-create Vincent’s bold work one tile at a time to win. Relate to how he felt as pigment was laid on canvas. Feel a personal connection with the artist himself.

Captivating Genius

In popular imagination, van Gogh is the romantic ideal of the tormented artist: Where madness and creativity converge.  His dramatic and difficult life fascinate. His father a minister, his uncles and brother Theo, art dealers, Vincent failed at both. At 27 he began to paint in Paris. Self-taught and “quick as lightening”, his bold unconventional style developed in Paris became his signature. Labeled Post-Impressionism, he expressed emotional and psychological responses to the world through intense colors, bold brushstrokes.

Although a tormented soul – passionate and driven, suffering episodes of delusion— letters reveal he was actually supported and admired by a close circle of friends and family. He did not experience much success and lived in poverty. Even Theo –his financial lifeline- was unsuccessful: Selling only one of Vincent’s works in his lifetime.

Vincent was fluent in 4 languages, a prolific letter-writer, avid reader, meditative walker, absorbed everything around him and loved people of all kinds. He was hardworking, principled and deeply religious, but a difficult man. By 1888 he returned to the French countryside. Nature was the point of departure for his art creating over 2100 works over 10 years, his finest paintings in less than 3 years. Under-appreciated in his own lifetime, he powerfully influenced modern art. We see the mystery of the man in his paint: Intoxicated by his art, fascinated by the artist.

Vincent Willem van Gogh / 37 years / a decade as an artist.  For more about Vincent and the Game’s paintings -- Sunflowers, Starry Night and CafeTerrace at Night -- Click here.

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What's Included in the Game:

The black tube comes with 132 full-color acrylic tiles to complete masterpiece paintings. 12 acrylic Game Changer tiles. Four personal game board “Canvases”. Interesting information about the artist, and the Rules of play. ArtMASTERS—the Game is designed, made and assembled in the USA.

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After experiencing the Van Gogh Experience this game immersed me even further into the artwork. Takes some skill to put my artwork together to become an Art Master! Love the challenges with the unique tiles. Lots of fun. Kids love it and teaches them about art at the same time! Great game.

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Love It! I absolutely love the art paintings that were chosen for these games. I have the Starry Night Painting above my piano and had to buy this game to accompany it.
When our friends come over to play I always open a bottle of fine wine to add to the fun! Why Not? We always have a great time, Just when I am close to calling "Frame It" I pull the Hand Cuffs Tile and get BUSTED! P.S. Don't pull the Forgery tile or you will be starting over! We laugh HISTERICALLY when playing. This game was designed very professionally and has great quality. I recommend it.
The Tube it comes in keeps all of the pieces in one place for next time.

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