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Scheme and Steal to Create These Paintings by Women Ahead of Their Time


Before there was Women's Suffrage. Before Women's Lib. Well-before artists like O'Keeffe, and the Feminist Art Movements of the 1960’s and 70’s, there was a long history of feminist activism in an era when the concept of feminism was still unknown. In the mid and latter 19th Century, bright, independent-minded women uncomfortable with their role in society, fought to increase women's influence and power in a male-dominated world. Among them were Cassatt, Goncharova and af Klint whose courage and tenacity pushed the boundaries of the gender inequality of the times. Their artistic or philosophical contributions anticipated modern feminist concepts and laid the groundwork for activism paving the way for the generations that followed. 

Mary Cassatt, Natalia Goncharova, and Hilma af Klint were ground-breaking, head-strong women of the 19th Century. Against the odds of the times, their independence helped change the course of art... (see more)

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What's Included in the Game:

The black tube comes with 132 full-color acrylic tiles to complete masterpiece paintings. 12 acrylic Game Changer tiles. Four personal game board "Canvases". Interesting information about the period and artists and the Rules of play. ArtMASTERS--The Game is designed, made and assembled in the USA.

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What a fun game! Played while on vacation with friends - we had a ball and learned a thing or two about art in the process. Highly recommend.

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