Scheme and Steal to Create These Masterpieces by Impressionist Artists Gone Rogue


At the turn of the 19th century a group of up-and-coming Impressionist artists felt Impressionism was running out of ideas. Wanting to shake up the contemporary art world, artists like Van Gogh, Cezanne and Lautrec pursued their own artistic experiments -highly personal art- rejecting nature and realism favoring more ambitious expression: Evocative color, distinctive brushstrokes and emotional symbolism. Unlike other art groups, these dissenters -often rivals- painted mainly alone yet were unified by a subjective approach to painting. Known for diverse yet distinctive styles, exhibited together they represented a French art movement coined Post-Impressionism. These Post-Impressionist artists pioneered a new personal approach to painting forming a basis for trends that followed and early 20th century Modernism.

Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec were pioneering non-conformists. They are considered three of the greatest artists of the Post-Impressionist period. And their individualism became an influence for generations of artists... (see more)


The black tube comes with 132 full-color acrylic tiles to complete masterpiece paintings. 12 acrylic Game Changer tiles. Four personal game board "Canvases". Interesting information about the period and artists and the Rules of play. ArtMASTERS--The Game is designed, made and assembled in the USA.


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