Scheme and Steal to Create These Paintings of Man's Best Friend


Depictions of dogs extend back thousands of years, from paintings on cave walls to portraits with Royalty. And beginning in the 18th century, to portraits of dogs themselves. Seen as status, hunters, guardians, and even gifts, they've symbolized protection, guidance, loyalty and love. But there is nothing more curious than our furry friends seen with human traits, emotions and intentions. As far back as ancient Egypt Anthropomorphism was used to embody and satirize human behavior. It has popped up over centuries to critique the world we humans live in, or simply to mock human inclinations, or make a point under the cover of canine actors. Whether with human tendencies, at our feet or singularly as the star, dogs are cemented in history and contemporary culture as viable art subjects.

Alfred de Dreux, Phillip Reinagle, and Sir Edwin Henry Landseer were serious artists well-known by 19th Century aristocracy. They were also witty dog lovers... (see more)

"The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but will make a fool of himself too."            -- Samuel Butler/English Writer/1835-1902


The black tube comes with 132 full-color acrylic tiles to complete masterpiece paintings. 12 acrylic Game Changer tiles. Four personal game board "Canvases". Interesting information about the period and artists and the Rules of play. ArtMasters--The Game is designed, made and assembled in the USA.

Artful Canines

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