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A Fun and Challenging Competition

How ArtMASTERS is Played

The Object of the Game is to be the first to complete a Masterwork painting in tiles on your game board, call Frame It! and score.  2 to 4 can play.

You don't have to be an artist, or need to know a lot about art. Your game board Canvas is your guide.

  • Draw Game tiles from the Tube.

  • Decide which of three paintings to re-create on your game board Canvas.

  • Tile-by-tile create a famous artist's Masterpiece.

  • Be the first to complete a 3x4 inch painting in 12 tiles and call Frame It!  to score.

  • Only the Player who calls Frame It!  for a completed painting scores for that round.

  • The Game ends when a Player reaches 500 points.

Sounds simple but along the way Game Changer tiles drawn alter the destiny of Players and their chances to win---
tiles, lose an entire painting, add extra tiles, forfeit tiles to opponents, reduce paintings by one tile, even use "inspiration" to
substitute tiles to complete a painting.

Using strategy and skill Players can turn the luck-of-the draw into famous paintings and become an ArtMaster!

artmasters the game board

ArtMasters the Game

Example game board with playing pieces